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Don’t repeat the number

Imagine 7 out of 9 cells are already full. Only 5 and 6 are missing in this square. You can use exclusions and deductive arguments to specify how many numbers should be put in each cell to see which numbers are missing from each square, row, or column.

For example, in the top left square, I know I have to add the numbers 5 and 6 to complete the square, but if I look at the rows and the adjacent squares I can see which number is being added to which cell. I can’t explain it This means you have to skip the top left box first to fill the void elsewhere.

Use the exclusion method

What happens if I use “calculation method” in Sudoku? Here is an example. The Sudoku grid contains only 1, 5, and 6 Sudoku numbers.

One way to find the number to put in each cell is to use the “exclude method” to see the other numbers that are already in each field, because the fields, rows, or columns 1 through 9 do not overlap. Sudoku games online. Sudoku to play for free Not only newspapers, but also many variants of this crossword puzzle on the Internet, which can be printed on a printer, allow you to play Sudoku for free. In addition, number puzzles are the basis of many browser mini-games that allow you to play Sudoku online on your computer. This method is useful for beginners as the computer program will tell you which numbers can and cannot be square. When the player clicks a cell, a row of numbers usually appears, from which the cursor selects the desired option. For example, if that number is already on a horizontal line, simply replacing it in a square just doesn’t work. Alternatively, the numbers in the squares will turn green if they are correctly positioned and red if a mistake has been made. This saves a lot of time, which is spent on paper Sudoku checking the correctness of decisions.

Fill in the blanks to complete the missing numbers in this fantastic online game:

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